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Discount Car Rental – It’s The Bare Necessities To Survival

Working in the corporate jungle, the so called high offices; basically translates to survival of the fittest. Liaising with many stakeholders and conjuring up sometimes unnecessary and fruitless meetings, just so one can “get out of the office”; it is not wonder that one ends picking up ticks of the trade to hide the real cost of the trip is. One learns to haggle for discounted prices on just about any services that can be offered by the service provider.

How Do We Do It

It is pretty easy! Give the” business” to one service provider to a point that they hooked on the money and make them dependent on you. Liaise only with one person in that company; after all, the more business you give them the bigger the commission they get.

Corruption you may think; but for the selected few up in the corporate ladder; it nothing but business. It becomes a necessity to survive by camouflaging the true cost of getting out of the office and not have to account to the taxpayer. That is why we have to perfect the art of haggling with our dealers and service providers on discount car rental deals. Discount car rental is the best transaction since the invention of the wheel. It is with common understanding that with discount car and truck rental deals any crooked corporate businessperson or government worker knows that one literally gets free mileage to scamper off wherever one pleases.

It gets better, with the discount car rental one decides on the type of car one wants. One is not confined to the prescribed groups made available to ordinary clients.

The Scandal Over Misuse Of Tax Payers Money Through Agents

It is so sad that tax payers are barraged by news reports over scandals such as the Travel Gate Scandal where Government Ministers use corrupt methods and kickbacks cloaked under the scam of discounted car rental deals? It is even sadder when the very corrupt agents who permit the corruption of discount car rental are not held accountable.

Is it not just for the very government elected by the very tax payers to put down relevant legislatures to deal with the misuse of the so called discount car rental? What happened to accountability and transparency? This farce that man has created that there is a survival of the fittest in the corporate world is nothing but an excuse for people to lose their moral values and trap themselves and others into unscrupulous, immoral and unethical behavior.

A bare necessity for survival? Most likely not, it is not just the discount car rental that is the currency for the trade here; it is the soul and moral values of the ones conducting the transaction that is discounted each time.

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