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The Convenience of Having a Car: There’s Always A Way

With today’s busy lifestyle being without a car for transportation can be devastating. Car rental agencies are there to help with just that problem, lack of transport. Not only do we lean on them when we go on vacations where it might not be feasible for us to take our cars but we rely on them when we have been in an accident and have had our own cars undrivable. Before jumping in with renting from some car rental agency that you know nothing about, do your homework.

Before You Start Looking

There are a few things that you need to know before you even consider using a car rental agency. First thing is first; make sure that you have a valid credit card and a license. Most if not all car rental agencies will not let you use a debit card to pay for your rental. The reasoning behind this is basically collateral. If you total their car, the car rental agency at least knows that they can access the means to pay for the damage that you have done. Some care rental agencies also require you to be a certain age before being able to rent a car from them. Most require you to be a minimum of 21 years old and others may even require you to be a minimum of 25 years old. This once again is for their safety. They figure that the longer you have been on the road the better well versed you are with the rules and lower the probability that you will get into an accident.

Research All of Your Options

A majority of the bigger well known car rental agencies have their own websites. On these websites you can do it all! You can look at the car options that they offer, the rates and you may even be able to book your car over the internet. Some may even offer special internet deals. Most of these agencies rent out their vehicles custom to what you need. However, most commonly a car rental agency will offer a weekend, week, or day that you can keep the car in your possession.

After finding a car rental agency that suites your needs take a look at the cars and other fees that come associated with renting them. There is always a mileage that you can travel within your car rental time. For example, you may have the car for a week and be allotted 200 miles; if you go over those miles you will be charged for them. It could be ten cents for every mile over 200 that you travel so watch out because it can get outrageously expensive. The rates of car rental agencies vary a great deal by location. An agency may be more expensive if it is close to the airport rather than in the middle of a smaller metropolitan area.

Typically car rental agencies will only keep compact and mid sized cars on their lots because that is what is most popular. You can request any type of car that you would like for your rental though and those care rental agencies will be more than happy to accommodate your needs. One other great thing about most if not all car rental agencies are that they offer free road side assistance. It is often times included in your basic contract and also states that if the car is deemed non-drivable the agency will replace it at no cost to you.

Looking Around the World

If you are looking for an agency outside of the United States Hertz car rental is one of the most famous. This single agency has about nineteen hundred separate locations in the US where you can hire a car and another fifty one hundred locations spread out all over the rest of the world.

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